In this issue, Great Taste dives into the wonderful world of wine. We discover what people in the biz are doing with wines in their establishments. From storage, to private label creations, to selling techniques, we’ve got the low-down on what makes a successful wine program. Of course, we also have wonderful pairing suggestions for restaurateurs or foodies at home.

Great Taste found out all the factors that go into choosing wines for an establishment. We also asked the pros why a business should or shouldn’t consider creating a private label. We also got all the details on where restaurants source their wine from: The Queen Mary, David Slay, and more. Who knew so many tiny factors could affect how a wine tastes? Our pros did.

Gabriel Caliendo of Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar takes us through the history of wine from its geographical origins, to the changes in the winemaking process. He also looks toward the future and contemplates what our changing times may mean for the wine production of tomorrow.

The featured products of this issue include the produce pick; Meyer lemon, and the cheese pick; red English Leicester. As always, take a look inside and celebrate some special anniversaries with us!

Also in this issue, learn about how adding wine options to your establishment can increase revenue, even if wine drinkers aren’t your target audience. In short, we explain why wine lists are a must. Furthermore, we explore how wine should be treated once it enters an establishment. We researched the hottest wine preservation systems being used today and provided pros and cons for each. Additionally, we discuss when it is appropriate to decant wine.

Check out our featured book this issue by Steve Difillippo of Davio’s. It’s All About the Guest dives into Steve’s successes and failures, gives tips on managing a business, and indulges us with some classic Davio’s recipes.

Check back for more articles, recipes, and inclusions. If the mailman doesn’t bring your Great Taste Magazine soon, let us know.

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Teri Williams
Editor in Chief Teri Williams

Teri Williams has her finger on the pulse of the local hospitality industry like no one else. Fifteen years as editor and publisher of Orange County’s only hospitality trade magazine combined with her consultancy for the non-profit sector and her public relations expertise give Williams a far-reaching, varied and unique perspective of the industry. Besides her esteemed Great Taste publication, she has extensive experience in the travel industry (retail agent and wholesale), event planning and volunteerism. Williams has contacts around the globe in the restaurant, hotel, media and travel trades. She has also been applauded for her enthusiastic charity work and has chaired numerous chef, food and wine events on behalf of local non-profit organizations, for which she has helped garner more than $1 million in donations through the years. Known for her unflagging enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit, can do attitude and joie de vivre, Williams is a constant presence and authority on the OC culinary and hospitality scene.

Great Taste would not exist without our enthusiastic and generous contributors, which is why we want to turn the spotlight on them! We’ve got chefs and students, teachers and experts – so read on to meet the wonderful people that write for your pleasure.

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