Great Taste Magazine 2012 May June Issue covers the restaurants and the professionals with resources, recipes, beautiful photos and many tasty tidbits. Meet Chef David Coleman from Michael’s on Naples.

As the zephyrs and rain decline, the sun begins to spread sweltering heat across beautiful Orange County. This encourages us to pop open a popsicle for a cool down. If you feel like beef for a summer dinner, grab some enticing ideas from Kari Underly in her book The Art of Beef Cutting: A Meat Professional’s Guide to Butchering and Merchandising. Next time you BBQ, focus on perfecting the texture by allotting ample time for the meat to slowly smoke. An alternative for texture is to craft a long rub composed of seasonings such as kosher salt, chili pepper, black pepper, granulated garlic, granulated onions, brown sugar, and fresh thyme. When searching for a meat, be sagacious for these key elements: no hormones, no antibiotics, locally grown, humanely raised, and USDA Choice.

With Global warming becoming a hefty issue, avoid the frivolous life style and indulge in green practices. Paul Martin’s American Grill buys local, the dishwashers use recycled water for steam, they use natural gas and energy efficient appliances and buy eco-friendly chemicals, and more.

Pinkerton Avocados are known for their velvety texture and creamy, buttery sensation. Sharing the attention is Capriloe Piper Pyramides, the Cheese Pick of the Month; a soft creamy cheese molded into the shape of a pyramid.

Chef David Coleman’s cultural roots from San Francisco and New York have had a profound effect on his Italian kitchen. Michael’s on Naples in Long beach is booming in business due to its clean modern decor, creamy and divine mozzarella, upscale wines, and more. Chef Coleman’s touch helped elevate the stature of Michael’s, for it was named #1 Italian Restaurant in Long Beach by Zagat.

Dining is a complete experience. If the service is terrible, just remember the restaurant industry is competitive and your business will be appreciated elsewhere.

Great Taste Magazine 2012 May June Issue covers the restaurants and the professionals with resources, recipes, beautiful photos and many tasty tidbits. Great Taste Magazine, the premiere connection to all the key decision makers in our local Southern California restaurant industry. Each month our 15 year-old full-color trade publication reaches thousands of the area’s top restaurant owners, general managers, executive chefs and buyers. Take a tour through the magazine. Each issue features a restaurant and local chef, and is packed with the timeliest information, critical operational tips and other industry news important to our readers.

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Teri Willliams
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Teri Williams

Teri Williams has her finger on the pulse of the local hospitality industry like no one else. Fifteen

Chef De Cuisine
Chef David Coleman
Michael’s On Naples
5620 E 2nd St
Long Beach, CA 90803


years as editor and publisher of Orange County’s only hospitality trade magazine combined with her consultancy for the non-profit sector and her public relations expertise give Williams a far-reaching, varied and unique perspective of the industry. Besides her esteemed Great Taste publication, she has extensive experience in the travel industry (retail agent and wholesale), event planning and volunteerism. Williams has contacts around the globe in the restaurant, hotel, media and travel trades. She has also been applauded for her enthusiastic charity work and has chaired numerous chef, food and wine events on behalf of local non-profit organizations, for which she has helped garner more than $1 million in donations through the years. Known for her unflagging enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit, can do attitude and joie de vivre, Williams is a constant presence and authority on the OC culinary and hospitality scene.

Great Taste would not exist without our enthusiastic and generous contributors, which is why we want to turn the spotlight on them! We’ve got chefs and students, teachers and experts – so read on to meet the wonderful people that write for your pleasure. They all have Great Taste!

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