Privacy Policy

Great Taste is committed to protecting you and your visit with our current privacy policy on Great Taste. The information you provide is primarily used to enhance your experience at, and to give us a measure of feedback for our website so that we may refine our web presence to serve you better. This statement outlines our privacy policy. When you use our website or provide information to us (by means of requesting information through a form, through a request for our newsletter, or by posting a calendar event) you agree to the terms of this policy. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, or our privacy protection practices, please feel free to email us.

The core of our Privacy Policy is this: Great Taste will not knowingly release, sell, rent, or trade your personal information (considered here to be one’s name, gender, age, street address, email address, IP address, phone number, birth date, anniversary date, or other similar information) to a third party, unless we believe in good faith that the law requires it. A detailed analysis of our information collection practices follows.

At Great Taste, we use Google Analytics to track “hits” on the website, and collect information on our site’s usage for internal marketing and research purposes. Google Analytics loads a small anonymous cookie into the user’s browser which tracks their movement about the site. It picks up information from the last website the user visited (the “referring site” – openly available information through Javascript), what sort of browser the user is on (the “user agent” string which is openly transmitted by the user’s browser), and information about the viewing environment (how big the user’s screen is, the user’s resolution, and the user’s color depth – all openly available through the browser’s internal Javascript engine). Additionally, IP addresses are resolved down to the regional level (the city of the user’s Internet Service Provider) and no further.

Tracking information is kept solely within the scope of Great Taste and does not now, nor will ever seek to obtain information about the user’s browsing habits outside of Tracking information is used purely for design and marketing feedback, to help us fine-tune the site’s design and scope to better serve the customer.

Additionally, a client may opt-in to our email newsletter list. We collect a user’s email address when they subscribe to one of our email lists. We require the email address for the purpose of sending email newsletters. We may also request information about a user’s preferences and shopping habits as they pertain to Great Taste. This will only ever be used in-house as feedback for marketing and promotional offers.