Great-Taste Magazine 2018 May | June Issue is Hot Off the Press!

This issue, we’re learning all about modern Latin cuisine – from defining modern Latin food, to exploring the newest culinary creations, Great Taste has got notes, tips, and tricks on how to balance modern and traditional cuisine.

We take a look at various Latin toasts from around the world and explore what makes each dish unique from the others. These varities include boleo, sopes, and arepas. Agora Churrascaria explains how they keep their cuisine traditional while maintaining a modern and relevant establishment for their customers. The history behind the popularity boom of tacos and horchata in North America is uncovered, and Great-Taste predicts which Latin specialty dish will take the U.S. by storm in the near future.

Learn about the modern Latin dishes that local chefs are cooking up, and that their guests are loving. These recipes come from Puesto, Panxa Cocina, and Playa Mesa to name a few. Keeping with tradition, Taco Mesa and Taco Rosa explain how and why they make house-made tortillas in their restaurants daily.

Products to look out for include our issue’s produce pick, Red French Butter Lettuce. Additionally, the semi-hard and versatile Comté is our scrumptious cheese pick of the month.

Chef and cookbook author Deborah Schneider discusses how she developed her passion for Mexican cuisine and turned it into a career that she loves. We learn that her frequent trips to Mexico always allow her to bring authenticity and new flavors back to her restaurants.

Alyson Dutch tackles the pros and cons of Americanizing the names of Latin dishes on the menu for guests unfamiliar with the cuisine. She explores restaurants’ best options for the market and expresses her frustration at some customers’ lack of culinary education.

Check back for more articles, recipes, and inclusions. If the mailman doesn’t bring your Great Taste Magazine soon, let us know.

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