Hot Off the Press: Great Taste Magazine March | April 2019


Great Taste Magazine March | April 2019 Issue is Hot Off the Press!

In this issue, Great Taste dives into the wonderful world of wine. We discover what people in the biz are doing with wines in their establishments. From storage, to private label creations, to selling techniques, we’ve got the low-down on what makes a successful wine program. Of course, we also have wonderful pairing suggestions for restaurateurs or foodies at home.

Great Taste found out all the factors that go into choosing wines for an establishment. We also asked the pros why a business should or shouldn’t consider creating a private label.

The featured products of this issue include the produce pick; meyer lemon, and the cheese pick; red English Leicester.

Also in this issue, learn about how adding wine options to your establishment can increase revenue, even if wine drinkers aren’t your target audience. Furthermore, we explore how wine should be treated once it enters an establishment. From preservation systems, to decanting techniques, we cover it all.

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