Mouth Watering Buffets


Elegant, sophisticated and creative are just a few words to describe these buffet presentations. Created to delight and inspire guests, buffets have been around since the 16th century and were developed into a more modern buffet around the beginning of the 19th century. They are a great way to combine style and ease, which can be seen in this majestic 1967 … [Read more...]

Taste of Wine – Time to Smell the Rose’s


There is no more elegant bottle of wine than a well crafted Rose.’  I am always captivated by this hybrid wine that radiates pleasure, coolness and seduction. Rose’ of course is not a grape varietal, it’s a style of wine; the artistry of a winemaker turned artist. Colors range from a peachy to a salmon look.  And it can mate up with a number of food … [Read more...]

Sweet Treats That Will Make You Melt

Milky Buns from Afters Ice Cream

Summer is in full swing; trips to the beach, backyard barbecues, and hot weather are inevitable. When the summer heat begins to take its toll, there’s no better way to cool off and relax than by enjoying a refreshing frozen treat. Fortunately, there are an ever-growing number of ways to pleasure your palate and soothe your soul. From dine-in restaurants … [Read more...]

Hot Off The Press!


Our July/August 2014 Issue is Here! Scorching days and warm nights bring out the enjoyment of summer and leave us searching for a way to cool down. After a dive in the pool, head to a pit-stop to try the newest frozen treats on the block. This issue brings us relief from the heat beginning with the trendiest treats from PopBar to unique “milky buns” from … [Read more...]

Chef Shuffle – Noble House Hotels & Resorts – San Diego

Orange County and Surrounding Chefs

Who is that Chef and where is he now? If you want to add your favorite just comment below and we'll add your faves to our Chef Shuffle. -Chef Roy Henderson is now the Executive Chef at Noble House Hotels & Resorts at Kona Kai Resorts in San Diego. -Veteran Chef Bruno Massuger, a French native who has served as director of culinary operations for a … [Read more...]

Los Angeles’ The Taste

The Taste

The countdown to the Los Angeles Times' celebration of Southern California's dynamic culinary scene, The Taste, continues with the announcement of the esteemed co-hosts for the 5th annual event. James Beard Outstanding Chef Nancy Silverton, revered modern Southwest cuisine chef John Sedlar & Master Bartender Julian Cox, Michelin-starred chef Michael … [Read more...]

Taste of Wine – French Wine in Napa Valley

dominus Estate

I pay attention to an e mail from Jim Barrasso, the energetic  owner of Firefly Grill and Wine Bar in Encinitas.  Barrasso has a keen sense of wine bargains and occasionally will share this good fortune with his  customers.  One day recently he flashed “I have been offered a great buy on a limited number of six packs of one of the most iconic and collectable … [Read more...]

Taste of Wine – Sirocco Italy in the Desert


I do my diligence with attention and care when it comes to considering a restaurant and its dinner and wine list.  Does it live up to its story by delivering the goods, like listing all the ingredients for each menu item and describing the wine in detail with vintage, district and taste? I went through such a selection process when I recently screened … [Read more...]

Taste of Wine – Discovering Wines on the Boot

stemmari wine

The results are in on the 2013 Italian harvest and for those that enjoy a good Barolo, Chianti Classico, Primativo or Nero D’ Avola and hundreds of other Italian varietals, the news is good. You will of course have to wait until bottles of these favorites are ready to be shipped to the U.S. and other countries that enjoy a lovely Italian red. Balanced … [Read more...]

Taste of Wine – Paso Robles – Cabernet

Daniel Dau - Paso Robles Cabernet

  It’s been a well deserved 50 some years of Napa Valley excellence in growing and producing California’s finest, Cabernet Sauvignon.  Some would go further and say the world’s finest Cabernet Sauvignon.  In the 60’s, just 25 Napa wineries were operating, and now there are over 400 and land can be over $500,000. an acre. While Napa  was solidifying … [Read more...]

Taste of Wine – In the Company of Miljenko Grgich

Frank Mangio

It is a well known occasion among knowledgable wine consumers that the beginning of the California wine revolution began with an extraordinary blind wine tasting of French and California wines in Paris in 1976, known as the Paris Tasting.  In it, Napa Valley wines were invited to participate against their most endearing and best counterparts … [Read more...]

Eat With Your Eyes

Pinot Provence

Plate presentation is the quintessential element which allows diners to experience their food. We not only eat with our mouth, we first eat with our eyes. Using different shapes and colors and creatively arranging food allows the appetite to be enhanced. There is a belief that if something looks good, it will taste good. A meal that is artistically styled … [Read more...]