The Chef Behind Lost Car


Chef Carlos Garcia has traded in his kitchen tools to launch his own chef apparel company, Lost Car. At 19 years old, Garcia was hired as a server at Olive Garden in Whittierand unintentionally started his culinary career. Newly married and expectinghis first child, Garcia transitioned into working in the kitchen to financiallysupport his new wife through … [Read more...]

Local Chef Style


Many kitchens stay true to tradition while others allow the kitchen crew to express their creativity through their apparel choices. During the early 2000's trends started to emerge from the local kitchens that included dress coats of luxurious fabrics and styles. We started to see more crazy pants and more color choices in coat piping, cuff style, sleeve … [Read more...]

Hot Off the Press!

Great Taste Magazine 2015 March April Issue

Our March/April 2015 issue is on the press! Watch your mail box, it will be there next week. Inside the issue we are highlighting style in the kitchen and we'll introduce you to some that have it. Discoverthe cheese and produce of the month, also due to the craft beer boom we give you tips on pouring it into appropriate glassware. Get to know new talent Chef … [Read more...]

Firkfest: The OC Cask Beer Fest

Diaz Firkfest

By Jante Ziarra Southern California brewers came together last Saturday, March 21, to celebrate craft beer by creating special casks for the second annual FirkFest. The Farmer's Park in the Anaheim Packing District took the setting for the sold out cask beer festival brewed up by Greg Nagel of the OC Beer Blog. Over 30 SoCal breweries got a chance … [Read more...]

Vital Farms Pasture-Raised Eggs

Hens on Vital Farms's pastures

By JanteZiarra Remember the time when commercials boasted the incredible edible egg? Buying eggs seemed much simpler then. Now a visit to grocery store has you choosing from white eggs, brown eggs, organic, cage-free, free-range and pasture-raised. Are they all incredible? If you've purchased cage-free and free-range eggs, you've probably … [Read more...]

Ayurvedic Menu at Clay Oven

Clay Oven Menu

We've all heard that Mom's chicken soup is just what you need when fighting a cold, but can the foods we eat really fight disease? In India,Ayurvediccooking is an ancient practice designed to do just that, but does it work? Chef Geeta Bansal, owner of Clay Oven, an Indian restaurant in Irvine, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. Devastated, she … [Read more...]