CulinaryLab Cooking School Now Offers Single Classes for the Home Cook

Southern California’s school that revolutionized culinary education presents an alternative to recreational cooking classes with new Home Cook Programs.


Southern California’s school that revolutionized culinary education presents an alternative to recreational cooking classes with new Home Cook Programs

Orange County-based CulinaryLab, a contemporary cooking school that has revolutionized culinary education, has introduced new single-day and short series classes designed for the home cook who is looking to develop high-level skills. The new classes are now available to the public, regardless of skill level, at its new Tustin educational center and kitchen (17231 E. 17th Street Unit B), where CulinaryLab offers its noted Professional Culinary and Professional Pastry Certificate programs for those looking to pursue a career in the culinary field.

“CulinaryLab Home Cook Programs are designed for cooks of all levels, from newbie to experienced, who are serious about improving their cooking game. Unlike recreational cooking classes, our home cook programs are designed to create high-level skills that will last a lifetime,” explains Ryan Wagner, Chef Director at CulinaryLab. “These not only provide an alternative to the limited cooking classes available to the public, but they also provide a great stepping stone to CulinaryLab’s Professional Culinary Certificate programs.”

The Home Cook Programs are unique in that they feature a 12-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio, and students work in pairs instead of large groups. Each class is led by a professional-level culinary instructor and focuses on skill-building techniques that will last a lifetime.

Classes begin at $99 for a single course. More information on Home Cook Classes and registration information can be found at!cooking-programs/c35e.

Upon opening in early 2016, CulinaryLab became the first school of its kind to combine a local chef-inspired curriculum, tech-savvy training, hands-on learning, and a sustainable food philosophy. CulinaryLab differs from other training programs in the region by offering an immersive, hands-on approach that not only includes professional chef-led training, but also incorporates an apprenticeship in a restaurant kitchen alongside some of Los Angeles and Orange County’s most noted chefs.

For those looking to pursue a career in the culinary field, CulinaryLab offers two areas of study:

Professional Culinary  Certificate Programs – CulinaryLab professional programs for aspiring chefs who want to learn modern cooking techniques and pursue a career in culinary arts. Each of the 14 professional programs can be purchased separately if desired.  Entrance requirements apply to all  of the professional programs. More information can be found online at!pro-culinary/c14l8.

Professional Pastry Certificate Programs – CulinaryLab’s newest professional programs for those who love baking and pastry, and are interested in becoming Pastry Chefs. The first program starts on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 and more information can be found online at!pro-pastry/c1r50.

CulinaryLab is a forward-focused cooking school where timeless techniques meet cutting edge curriculum and real-world training to cook up bold contemporary cuisine. CulinaryLab reinvents culinary training with a program that harnesses the power of today’s innovations to train tomorrow’s culinary arts visionaries. Orange County, Calif-based CulinaryLab is the first school of its kind to combine an industry-fueled curriculum, tech-savvy training, hands-on learning, and a sustainable food philosophy.

CulinaryLab’s modern teaching technologies are supported with a contemporary and sustainable food philosophy. The student curriculum is whole food-based and educates students in current culinary trends and responsible food sourcing. Partnerships with local farms will provide students with hands-on learning opportunities, as well as experience with local sourcing and sustainable purchasing.

CulinaryLab’s intimate culinary training sessions focus on teaching proper cooking techniques and allowing students to perfect each skill for two days per week over the course of the program.  Class size will not exceed a 12:1 student-to-teacher ratio, versus the 30:1 ratio commonly found at larger schools. Trained Chef Instructors will incorporate the local restaurant community into the class curriculum to ensure that students gain valuable insight, enabling them to transition into the industry seamlessly upon graduating. Local chefs, farmers, artisans, authors, and food scientists will serve as special guests throughout the course to offer interactive demos, input, and teaching tools that help students learn about relevant areas of expertise.

Simultaneously, each student spends another two to three days per week at a local Los Angeles or Orange County restaurant, where training is put into practice alongside top chefs. Students are exposed to the real world of professional cooking, which serves to reinforce weekly lessons. Cooking techniques, vocabulary, and ingredients leave the classroom and come to life in a working kitchen.

Applications are currently being accepted for CulinaryLab’s next group of students, who are set to begin the Culinary Basics program in September 2016. Those interested may apply online.

For more information about CulinaryLab programs, instructors, admissions, and fees, please call 714.788.3576 or visit

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