The School of Hard Knocks


As anyone who has built, expanded, or remodeled a space in the industry will affirm, each process has a learning curve. In a very real sense, to take on this type of project is to attend a “School of Hard Knocks” to learn things the hard way, to get knocked down in order to learn lessons, and to gain knowledge through painfully challenging experiences. The chefs, owners, and restaurateurs in the following section know all-too-well the struggles that come with translating a vision into reality. But, in the end, all of the roadblocks, paperwork, and long hours are worth the trouble, when a fresh new spot becomes a part of the community and the lessons have been learned.

Be on the lookout for content from:

Robin Christenson, Chief Financial Owl of Blinking Owl Distillery – Santa Ana

Russ Bendel, President of RB Squared, Inc.

Jared Cook, Executive Chef of Olea, Vine Restaurant & Bar, and Ironwood

Peter Serantoni & Don Myers, Partners of Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen

Parnell & Jennifer Delcham, Proprietors of Ways & Means Oyster House

Joe Manzella, Proprietor of TAPS Brewery & Barrel Room

Nikko Marquez, Executive Chef & Partners Victor Nguyen & Viet Pham of The Recess Room

Mario Marovic, Partner of The Lounge Group & The Country Club

Christian & Danielle Murcia of Crepes Bonaparte

Amin Benny, Bar Manager of Monarch Beach Resort

Great Taste Magazine 2018 March April Issue

March/April 2018


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