Quail Street Tacos


Quail Street Tacos

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Looking for a way to spice up Taco Tuesday night? Try these delectable quail tacos from Manchester Farms


Manchester Farms quailred onioncumincole slawLimesapple cider vinegarsugargreen chilissour creammayonaisecilantroGranny Smith appleschiptole peppers


  1. Marinate quail in vegetable oil. Cook and prepare the night before. Either grill or bake. Chop or shred.
  2. Mix all ingredients for slaw except apples. Prepare the night before. Add apples day of.
  3. Puree’ ingredients for crema well and place in sauce bottle. Prepare the night before.
  4. Cut and heat tortillas. Place small amount of chipotle crema on tortilla, round about 1 tablespoon of quail meat. Top with 1 teaspoon of apple/poblano slaw, dab of crema and chopped cilantro.

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