Between the Buns


13-09 OMG Burger The CatchBetween the Buns features all things burgers, dogs, sandwiches and sausages. What makes the perfect sandwich? What about the perfect burger or hotdog? From condiments to sides to where to get the best bang for your buck, we’ve got you covered. After all, some of the best things in life can be found slapped between two slices of bread. Some establishments dedicate their services entirely to all things between the buns, and there is an influx of fast causal restaurants that are popping up left and right. We unearth some So Cal gems that are go-to spots for house-made condiments and guide you to top of the notch eateries where you’ll find the OC’s best burgers, dogs, sausages and sandwiches. Whether you’re a burger beau or a hot dog devourer, we’re all guilty of a between the buns obsession. We’ll take you on a nostalgic look back at burgers, reveal the ideal bread types to use for burgers and sandwiches and unearth the greens to top them with. We also have our eye on must-try condiments, old world sausages and tips on the ins and outs of marketing your sauces.

The OMG Burger at The Catch (pictured above) is a challenge for even the most extreme eaters. Any single person to consume the OMG goes home from The Catch $500 richer!


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