Sikil P’ak


Sikil P’ak

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Sikil P’ak – Traditional Mayan Pumpkin Seed Dip by Chef Gabbi Patrick


3/4 C     Yellow onion – roasted
3 3/4 C  Tomato – roasted
1 T         Habanero – roasted
1 1/2 C  Pepitas – grinded
3 T         Cilantro
5/8 C     Lime juice – fresh
1/3 C     Water – can also use chicken stock or corn broth
              Salt – to taste
              Cucumber stick
              Tortilla chip


  1. Roast onion, tomato, and habaneros in oven until blistered
  2. Grind pepitas separately
  3. Blend tomatoes, onion, habanero with a little water and lime juice, and add rest of ingredients
  4. Add salt and adjust with lime
  5. Serve with cucumber sticks, tortilla chips, and chicharron

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