Huevos Motulenos with Tomato Frito Sauce


Huevos Motulenos with Tomato Frito Sauce

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layers of corn tortilla, sunny-side egg, applewood smoked ham, peas, queso oaxaca, black beans, tomate frito


Tomato Frito Sauce
8 C     Tomato – cut in half
1/4 C Yellow onion – cut in quarters
1/3 C Garlic – whole
1/2 C Habanero – whole
3/8 C Salt – to taste
1/4 C Olive oil

Huevos Motulenos (per plate)
2        Corn tortilla – warmed
1/4 C Ham – seared and diced
1/8 C Pea – sautéed
1/8 C Black bean
1/8 C Queso oaxaca
1        Egg – sunny side up
          Cilantro flower


  1. Tomato Frito Sauce
  2. Toss tomato, onion, garlic, and habanero with olive oil and cook in woodfire oven or
  3. conventional oven at 425 degrees until blistered
  4. Once everything starts to blister, be careful not to get too much color, remove from oven
  5. Blend until smooth
  6. Add salt to taste and adjust if needed
  7. Huevos Motulenos (per plate)
  8. On a large plate, spoon a light layer of tomato frito and layer the corn tortillas with ham, peas, black beans, and queso oaxaca
  9. Top with second tortilla and repeat
  10. Place sunny side egg on top and salt to taste
  11. Top with cilantro flowers
  13. Notes – sauce measures are by weight
  14. – the ingredient measures for plating are approximate

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