Hot Off the Press: Great Taste Magazine September | October 2019


Great Taste Magazine September | October 2019 Issue is Hot Off the Press!

It’s all about brunch! This issue, Great Taste is taking an in-depth look at the exploding brunch scene. From growing trends, to target demographics, to basic brunch dos and don’ts, we’ve got the inside scoop on the Orange County restaurant’s brunch scene. An adorable surprise in this issue, we’re exploring how our furry friends play a part in a growing brunch trend.

With more and more brunch spots popping up, we’re taking a look at how this in-between meal has evolved into its current day form. Chef Gabriel Caliendo tells us how chefs are keeping brunch items contemporary with exciting twists on classic dishes. Of course, we also talk about one of the main appeals of brunch: the alcohol. Chef/Restaurateur shares a special announcement.

We ask chefs about their favorite brunch foods and learn why they decided to offer brunch. Executive Chef Gabbi Patrick shares her success story with Great Taste. Don’t miss Chef’s spicy recipes, including her Huevos Montulenos featured on the cover, which is absolutely mouth-watering.

See the sidebar for a list of this magazine’s included industry professionals and restaurants.

Stay tuned. You should receive your copy soon.

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