Baja Ceviche Tower

Contributed by: Chef Chris Garasic

Baja Ceviche Tower

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1 C Citrus marinated fresh fish
3 T Guacamole
2 T Pineapple – small dice
2 T Red bell pepper – small dice
2 T Yellow bell pepper – small dice
2 T Green Onion – small dice
2 T Cucumber – small dice
1/4 C Citrus sweet chili sauce (recipe follows)
1 T Micro cilantro

Ceviche sweet chili sauce
1 Bottle Sweet chili sauce
1 1/2 cups lime juice
1 bunch Cilantro


  1. Using a round mold add half of the ceviche and press down. Place guacamole on top of fish and push down. Add the rest of the fish push down and then place chopped pineapple on top and push down firmly so when you remove the mold it holds its shape and resembles a tower. Sprinkle the bell peppers, cucumber and green onion around the tower.
  2. Ceviche sweet chili sauce: Place all ingredients into blender & puree until small bits of cilantro are still visible
  3. Drizzle sauce all around the plate so there is a little bit everywhere. Top tower with micro cilantro.

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