Whisky in a Can!


Beer has traditionally bee the outdoor and sporting event adult beverage of choice when it comes to party, due to the convenient, lightweight package suck as aluminum cans. Scottish Spirits Imports, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of a re-sealable latex cap for their unique and innovative Scottish Sprits in a Can. The latex lid, (patent pend) produced especially for Scottish Spirits, will allow the can to be resealed and the product to be kept fresh and tasting great.

The changing of new Scottish Spirits Scotch Whisky in a can is packaged in a 12 fluid ounces (355ml) aluminum cans, each recyclable can contains the equivalent of eight “shots” of whisky that can be shared by several people. The 80% proof whisky itself is made from a unique selection of grains and has a rich honey, vanilla, apples and pears taste with a hint of peat and smoke. Blended and Single Scotch Whisky varieties are offered.

Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director for Datamonitor, says “we are beginning to see aluminum cans catch on in the craft beer sector of the beverage market, so the timing may be right for spirits to go in this direction too.”He adds that “aluminum cans say single serve’ to consumers and it is going to be a challenge for the marketers of this product to avoid this association, though the unique latex lid helps in this regard.”

Posted by Ann Chen


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