Van Roekels Return to Maurice Carrie and Van Roekel Winery


Budd and Maurice Van Roekel are back! After a five year sabbatical they’ve returned to the helm, running the day to day operations of both Maurice Car’rie and Van Roekel wineries. The Van Roekel’s assumed possession of the wineries on February 1, 2010, when Buddy and Cherie Linn took advantage of an exit clause in their lease/purchase agreement for the properties.

While Budd maintained firm control of the vineyard operations, the Van Roekel’s thought they were finished with the wine business and would retire gracefully after their 20 plus years in the Temecula Valley. While he’s not back on his tractor, Budd is convinced that his decades long efforts in the vineyard have positively affected the wines being produced at both wineries and that they are better today than ever before.

Their return re-ignited their love of the industry, giving them both a new sense of purpose. And according to Maurice, “It has definitely brought a spark back to Budd’s eye. I think we’ve added years to his life!” The Van Roekel’s invite both old and new friends to stop by and say hello. The wineries are open daily from 10am to 5pm.

By Barbara McLean

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