CRA Urges Attention To Drought Concern



As drought concerns mount, California Restaurant Association urges industry to take action.

The California Restaurant Association (CRA) has asked the state’s restaurant industry to take any and all steps possible to reduce water usage, including limiting any and all waste due to water service and other water-centric practices.

As California’s drought conditions continue to worsen, it’s evident that the ramifications of the emergency will last long after any significant rain comes to the state.

“It’s crucial that restaurants continue to be community leaders as this drought is prolonged,” CRA President + CEO Jot Condie said. “For years, restaurants have been making great strides in adopting sustainable practices, but in times of crisis such as we’re in now, it’s important to go the extra mile, knowing that even small changes can make a big difference.”

The CRA has advised restaurants to only serve water to customers by request, if they haven’t already implemented the practice. Operators also are encouraged to train staff about the importance of conserving water, and find creative ways of promoting changes to customers, via in-store signage or social media.

In recent weeks, the CRA has fielded dozens of calls from concerned operators and consumers looking for suggestions on best practices. Water conservation has been a leading topic at CRA chapter leadership meetings and events, including a Green Restaurant Symposium held Feb. 24 in Sacramento.

About the California Restaurant Association: The California Restaurant Association, with more than 22,000 member restaurants, is the definitive voice of the California restaurant and hospitality industry and has served to protect and promote its success since 1906. The restaurant industry is one of the largest private employers in California, representing more than 1.4 million jobs. Restaurants produce more than $58 billion in sales annually and generate more than $4.5 billion in sales tax for the state.

posted by Cynthia Le

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