California Retail Food Safety Code



The California Restaurant Association today released the following statement in response to Dr. Richard Pan’s announcement of AB 2130 (Pan), which will revise the California Retail Food Safety Code prohibiting bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods.

Given the challenges presented by, essentially, mandating plastic gloves for all who handle food in the restaurant and culinary arts we support reassessing the prohibition of bare-hand contact,” CRA President + CEO Jot Condie said. “Safety is our industry’s No. 1 priority, and California boasts one of the highest-trained restaurant workforce in the nation, with food safety – including proper handwashing techniques – mandated for anyone handling, preparing or serving food.

While the intention of everyone involved was to align the Cal Code with federal regulations – and laws that exist in 43 other states – it has quickly become clear that a one-size-fits-all implementation for such a diversely structured industry presented too many operational challenges. The right course of action is being pursued by Assemblyman Pan.”

Posted by Erica Schmucker

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