Valentine’s Day Cocktail Menu

True Food Kitchen features delicious, one-of-a-kind drinks


Looking to add some spice to your Valentine’s Day? True Food Kitchen features a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day Cocktail Menu that is sure to delight. Featured drinks include:

War Of The Roses Cocktail
War Of The Roses Cocktail

HOT IN THE DARK – $11 served in the coupe glass

lime, ixá organic tequila, jalapeño, pomegranate

BOW & EROS – $11 served in hurricane glass – with pineapple garnish

ginger honey, lime, pineapple, spiced rum


WAR OF THE ROSES – $11 served in pilsner with DRIED rose petals and a lime wedge INSIDE the glass

rose petal, lime, pomegranate infused vodka, prosecco

LOVE-A-PEAR – $11 served in a short rocks glass with cinnamon stick garnish

lemon, honey, pear & vanilla infused bourbon


RED MOON – $4 served in pilsner glass with grapefruit side garnish

grapefruit, yuzu, honey

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