Aged Years Served Up

Contributed by: Mixologist Joel Black

Aged Years Served Up

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2 oz Original Moonshine
1/2 oz Lemon juice
1 oz Apple juice
1 oz Pear juice
1/4 oz Ginger juice
3/4 oz Clove syrup (recipe follows)

Clove syrup
3 cups Water
1 Tbsp Whole Cloves
3 cups Sugar


  1. Clove syrup
  2. This one is super easy. Take a small saucepan and lightly toast 1 tablespoon of whole cloves. In a separate pot bring 3 cups of water to a boil, add cloves, 3 cups of sugar and immediately reduce the heat to low. Stir, simmer for 30 minutes, bottle and refrigerate.
  3. Cocktail
  4. Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass, add ice and shake lightly for 5 seconds. Strain the liquids into a double old fashion (10-12 oz rock glass) over rocks and garnish with apple slices, cranberry and cinnamon.

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