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Tastemaker Complete Cocktail Infusing Set


COMPLETE COCKTAIL INFUSING SET – Everything needed to make your own homemade infused spirits. Set includes Infuser with a built-in stainless steel mesh filter, perfectly shaped rounded Ice ball molds + 10 Exclusive Drink Recipes. Infuser has a capacity of 9 fl oz.


Meet the Tastemaker Complete Cocktail Infusing Set! Impress your guests with your new infused mixology skills and make them a delicious cocktail. If you’re planning a fun, festive soiree, you’ll be whipping up 100% pure authentic concoctions with your own homemade infused spirits in no time. You can even design a specific one just for your party. Tastemaker allows you to manage the purity and honesty of the infusion ingredients with no strange flavorings or additives. And it’s completely personalized to your own unique taste! 


The Tastemaker is quick and easy to use—just grab a bottle of any base liquor, like distilled vodka, and add in your favorite fruits, herbs, sweets or spices. Simply let it infuse in as little as 5 minutes or you can wait up to 24 hours to get a more deeply infused cocktail. Next, strain and enjoy! The Tastemaker is here just in time for all your holiday parties and gift giving!

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