The New Trend in Food Delivery


Since people are always on the go they are starting to spend less time cooking at home and relying on delivery apps to get food. That’s why Cloud Kitchen is starting to become a more popular trend in ordering food because it makes it easier for customers to have different types of food while having an alternative to fast food. Kitchen United is an example of a Cloud Kitchen type of food delivery service, with a location in Pasadena, CA where there is a building that is cooking eight different restaurants. Customers are able to order their food online and can either go to the location and pick it up or have it delivered from one of the delivery apps. The Hood is an offsite rental kitchen located in Costa Mesa where restaurants or chefs can rent out the space to cook delivery orders, catering, food photography, corporate team building activities, meal prepping and specialty food producers. Located at the 4th Street Market in Santa Ana is another offsite rental kitchen called East End Incubator Kitchen where companies or restaurants can rent it out by days or months to cook their foods.

Since these types of facilities are becoming more popular there has been a dramatic shift happening to the food industry. According to industry sources, the food delivery market is expected to grow from $43 Billion in 2017 to $76 Billion by 2022. Food delivery sales are growing and gaining a greater share of the restaurant business. This growth puts more pressure on a restaurant’s existing assets and costs are high to fulfill an order.


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