Will Huntington’s Open on Main St. Pier in Huntington Beach?


Currently, six entities are in the bidding process with the City of HB, vying for the coveted spot midway up the pier on the north side at 21 Main St. The hexagon-shaped building is being bid on by:

  • Let’s Go Fishing (Retail & Snacks)
  • Chronic Tacos (Dining)
  • Zack’s (Dining)
  • Huntington’s (Dining)
  • Armijo Enterprises (Retail?)
  • Primo Nosh Chefs, LLC (Dining)

The next step in the process is where YOU can make a difference.

The Huntington Beach City Staff will soon make their selection recommendation to the City Council. Hopefully, within the next 30 days they will recommend one winner or several for further study. City Council will then make the final decision and assign the space or continue to study staff’s recommendations.

You can email the City Council to make your recommendation – ci[email protected]. Or visit their meetings in person.

Neptune's Locker

From 1951 – 1988, Neptune’s Locker occupied pier space with outdoor dining and a neighborhood vibe hosted by “Queen of the Pier”, Ella Christenson. This is similar to Huntington’s planned environment.

Huntington's Rendering


Partners – Restaurateur Johnny Nosich, Real Estate Agent & Developer Keith Bohr and HB architect Jeff Bergsma of TEAM Design. Bergsma has designed and built more than 30 restaurants over the past 30 years with about half of those in downtown HB. The design emphasis is to maximize views and outdoor dining opportunities. If they win the bid, they have $500,000 slated for improvements in the space. If Huntington’s is chosen, they anticipate opening in the Summer of 2020.

Huntingtons DrawingsCheck out this podcast about the possible new location – In The Pipeline, A Huntington Beach Podcast by Chris Epting

Get involved with your community and help chose Huntington Beach’s next neighborhood restaurant!

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