MooDaePo Korean BBQ Rowland Heights


Do you know what’s better than Korean BBQ? How about All-You-Can-Eat Moodaepo-125Korean BBQ, Gangman style! That’s right! That’s what you will come to experience when you step foot into MooDaePo in Rowland Heights. This restaurant serves fabulous Korean BBQ, and its hip and chic design draws crowds from near and far.Featuring giant TV screens that play sports, K-Pop music and videos, the energy is high and upbeat.

Although the layout of the restaurant is ultra modern, the food is quite Moodaepo-11GTtraditional.You will find practically all of your favorite Banchans (side dishes) here. They do rotate them so if you don’t see one that you really love, just ask.

I love, love the quality of these beautifully marbled meat! Every bite is tender and flavorful. It’s the Chef’s Choice on the menu. Price is a little higher but well worth it. There are several options starting at Moodaepo-54$16.99.

The service is very friendly and they change the drill very promptly. The restaurant does get busy during peak dinning hours on weekends. But there is a call button at every table, so ring the bell if you need to.The server will be there in no time. The vegetable tray was amazing.I could eat it by itself!

This is how I eat it. Take a piece of meat, a little bit of banchans, wrap it in Collages36GTeither rice wrap or fresh lettuce (or cabbage), dip in sesame oil/salt sauce, then enjoy a piece of food heaven!

If Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, Moo Dae Po is the happiest KBBQ restaurant. So bring your family and enjoy KBBQ, Gangnam style!Collages34GT

MooDaePo is located at 1725 S. Nogales St. #112, Rowland Heights, CA 91748 (626)964-3389.

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Photos by Allen Taylor Photography

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