The World’s Smallest Smartphone Breathalyz&#226


breathometer-device-and-appBreathometer, Inc. announced that the World’s Smallest Smartphone Breathalyzer, Breathometer,was shippedto consumers in October 2013. First units will be utilized to fulfill orders for supporters of Breathometer’s Indiegogo campaign from earlier this year, with additional production units being shipped to new customers and channel partners.

Small enough to fit on a key chain, Breathometer plugs into a smartphone audio jack, and together with a mobile app, transforms it into a sleek, portable and accurate breathalyzer measuring blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Breathometer is currently available for pre-order at for $49.99 and will work on iOS and Android devices.

Officially registered with the FDA, Breathometer is designed to help anyone that has consumed alcohol to make smarter choices before getting behind the wheel. By simply blowing in the Breathometer, a user’s blood alcohol level is displayed on the smartphone screen within seconds. If the device registers any alcohol on the breath, the mobile app has a feature called Back to Zero that will inform the user about how long it is estimated it will take for them to be sober. The app also provides push button access to local taxi companies and other resources, allowing them to make smart, safe choices.

Breathometer is valuable for anyone who enjoys even a casual drink, as just one drink can affect judgment or the ability to drive safely. Breathometer is smaller, more cost-effective and as accurate as other high-end consumer breathalyzers on the market. Breathometer features an FDA grade sensor so it is extremely sensitive and accurate within a reading of plus or minus .01 BAC. In addition, as Breathometer does not use a mouthpiece, the device can be shared by multiple people, as users simply blow into the Breathometer from approximately one inch away from the patent pending LED illuminated blow tube on the device.

Posted by Lauren Harrity 11/7/13

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