Tommy Bahama’s Island Grille Introduces “Burger and Beer” Menu for Spring


Spring, always a time for renewal, is the perfect opportunity to tune-tup one’s tastebuds, to shake off winter through flavor: spicy, sweet, teangy, robust. Tommy Bahama’s Island Grille is celebrating the arrival of spring with a seasonal menu of burgers and beers — featuring fresh ingredients that celebrate the island spirit of the Tommy Bahama brand. For lunch, dinner, or simply enjoying a beer with friends, Tommy Bahama’s Island Grille is a relaxing spot to enjoy the gastronomic bounty of California, island style.

Celebrate spring with the fresh flavors of the new seasonal menu of handcrafted burgers and micro brewed beers. The inventive menu artfully blends its island roots with the natural beauty and flavors of California, all in a setting designed for relaxation and fun.

Posted on 03/29/11 by Allison

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