The Playground


"Taste is subjective. Taste is democratic. Taste is powerful. Taste – the combination of texture, aroma, temperature, aesthetic and environment – is also a window into someone else's life or culture. Be confident in your taste, but remain curious and expose yourself to new tastes. Allow your taste to constantly evolve and grow – while keeping and cherishing the memories that taste creates." Marcus Samuelsson

Don't forget to take a peek at our online calendar as it continues to grow in all directions. We love including any and all of your upcoming events – they are posted for all visitors to see! Did you know that they could be posted more quickly and efficiently to our website, just by logging on and entering the information on your own? To do so, visit, click on Calendar at the top of the page, and click the link under the Add an Event section. You'll be taken to our website database and provided with the information necessary to post your own event. By doing it yourself, you'll be entered into a weekly drawing where you could win a FREE annual subscription to Great Taste magazine! What have you got to lose? Log on, and post away!

Great Taste's Social Network now ONLINE! Very exciting to see our friends come together to connect with others through a simple visit to our website. To join, simply visit, click "Network" located in the top bar and join. It's easy! Here, friends are able to view, talk, search, and socialize anytime, anywhere. Just another great tool at Great Taste!

Who doesn't love to see great photos? We've added an Event Photos page to our website,…and we need you to contribute yours. Send us pictures you've captured at industry related events – dinners, meetings, tours, etc. – and you could see them posted to our site! Just attach your favorite photos to an e-mail message addressed to [email protected] – and be sure to include names of those photographed, where and when the event was held, what the event was, and any other special information about the pictures. You'll even be notified when they are posted. So click, click away…on your cameras and computers!

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