The Plancha Dining Experience Returns


Plancha Dining is Set to Open on November 5th.

Descanso is excited to announce that they are opening their Plancha dining experience!  An intimate dining experience where their Plancheros cook at your table.

Click HERE to book your experience online, or feel free to call to reserve a table at 714.486.3798.

Descanso has been working around the clock to enhance this experience. They can’t wait to introduce you to their new Planchero Chefs and Menu Items.

As always, they will continue to adhere to county and state COVID guidelines as your safety is their priority. As an added bonus, the Plancha Room has AMAZING ventilation as each table has a hood above it sucking up all the air.

They will only be sitting a max of 8 guests per Plancha table and 6 if it is a communal table. If you are looking to book a group in the plancha room above 6 guests, you will need to call or email them to make a reservation.

Plancha Tables will be available Nightly and Brunch on Sundays.

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