Tavern House Kitchen + Bar Temporarily Closed


The Tavern House Kitchen and Bar have received an overwhelming number of requests from you asking how you can help them during this time of crisis and closure, for which they are very grateful. Since they have not been able to staff for to-go business, one way in which you could assist is to purchase Tavern House gift cards. You can then use these cards any time after they reopen or give them away as gifts.

To do so, call the restaurant at 949.673.8464, leave your name and number with a message that says you are interested in purchasing gift cards. They will call you back, take your credit card info, and either mail you your cards or hold them you at the restaurant for pick-up when they re-order.

Tavern House would like to thank you for your continued love and support and look forward to the time when they are once again open and serving all of the Tavern House friends and families.

Visit them @tavernhousekb for great recipes!

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