Ritual Wellness Partners With Freshology


Ritual Wellness co-founders Marra St. Clair and Lori Kenyon Farley are excited to announce they have partnered with Los Angeles-based premium healthy gourmet diet delivery service company, Freshology, to introduce a new 14-day food and juice cleanse program, called HALO.

HALO is designed to combine the benefits of Freshology’s healthy, deliciously all-natural, fresh calorie controlled meals with the nutrient-rich, 100% certified organic, cold-pressed juices from Ritual Wellness to reset your body. The easy-to-follow program helps individuals safely flush toxins from the body which could otherwise cause fatigue, irritability, weight gain and depression, while replenishing the body with vital nutrients found in nature’s immunity-building fruits and vegetables that pack the power to combat these problems.

Posted by Paula Votendahl


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