Relvoving Door at Sol del Sur


sol del sur bistro logoSol del Sur has a beautiful Ceviche of local White Fish, Exotic Finger Limes, Green Tangerine Sorbet, Seville Orange braised Pork Shoulder, Gorgonzola Filet Mignon and lots more!

It’s fresh, it’s local – it’s delish!

New this week:


Local Channel Island California Sheepshead (fish) Ceviche, Lime, Lemongrass, Finger Limes


Roasted Romanesco on Orange Farro, Kimchee, shaved Compte Cheese


Roasted Crosnes, White Beans, Parmesan on Pappardella Pasta


Pulled Seville Orange roasted Pork Shoulder on Corn and Flour Tortillas, pickled Red Onions

Green Tangerine

Candied Tangerine Rind with Curacao Tangerine Sorbet, Blood Orange Swirl

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