Portola Coffee Lab Hosts Western Regionals


Portola Coffee Lab has been tapped to be a host the Big Western Barista competition, a qualifying competition for the US Barista Competition. The Big Western Barista Competition, during which 13 states will be competing, will take place Friday, February 21st through Sunday, February 23rd at Lot 613 in Downtown Los Angeles (613 Imperial Street). The United States Barista Championship is presented under the watchful eye of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Barista Guild of America to serve as a platform for baristas to enhance their espresso beverage making skills through an exciting and challenging competition.

“It’s a great honor for us to host such a prestigious competition. Portola Coffee Lab has always challenged its baristas and those throughout our region to best utilize their skills to deliver a rich experience with a deeper understanding of the nuances of inspired brewing techniques,” explained Jeff Duggan, who co-owns Portola Coffee Lab with his wife, Christa. “We will be presenting a Beer Garden at the competition and host an after party for those involved. Of course, a highlight for us will be to support our four baristas participating in the event.”
posted by Sarah McCallum

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