Panera Bread Launches MyPanera Loyalty Program


Panera Bread is launching their loyalty program in Southern California called MyPanera. The program officially launches Wednesday, September 15 and should be available in all Southern California bakery cafes by next Friday.

MyPanera is a loyalty card program based on “Surprise & Delight.” Surprise offers are delivered to members when they swipe their card in the cafe. The type of surprise and frequency of the offer is dependent upon what the customer buys and how often they dine at Panera. (it could be a free coffee, a free bagel, a free pastry, a free soup, etc) The program’s objective is to grow and maintain loyal customers by showing our appreciation and recognizing their continued loyalty by delivering rewards and surprises…

The majority of surprise offers will be delivered at the register and, some of our best customers will receive additional benefits delivered through direct mail, email or other channels.

More info is available at

Posted 9/14/10.

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