New Survey Reveals Majority of Americans Buy Their Daily Caffeine at Casual Restaurants


workplace-impactEveryone needs a little pick-me-up. A whopping 94% of workers drink at least one caffeinated beverage on an average workday, according to a new survey conducted by WorkPlace Impact, the nation’s leading marketing company that targets consumers directly at work.

The survey revealed that 42% of employees ‘always and 30% ‘often drink coffee when looking for a boost, making it the most popular caffeinated drink.Workers tend to buy caffeinated beverages at grocery stores (92% spend $1 or more per week) and casual restaurants like McDonald’s and Starbucks (80% spend $1 or more per week) over convenience stores, where only about half (51%) of people spend more than $1 per week.

Other findings from the survey include:

  • Aside from caffeine, 49% rely on salty snacks, 46% on candy and 39% on gum to get them through the day.
  • On an average workday, 57% of workers consume two or three caffeinated beverages.
  • Not everyone has their coffee only in the morning – almost half of respondents (47%) said they consume caffeinated beverages multiple times throughout the day.

‘Caffeine makes us more alert, focused and ready to take on the workday, said Shelly Sekki, President of WorkPlace Impact. ‘Consumer packaged goods and restaurant marketers should take notice of how much caffeine people consume during work hours and try to reach these tired and thirsty employees in the workplace.

The survey was conducted online among a national sample of 1,293 working men and women.


posted by Andrea Gonzalez 5/29/15

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