Mimi’s Cafe Reaches $150,000 for Go Red Movement


Mimi’s Cafe is the first restaurant to nationally sponsor the Go Red For Women movement. The campaign launched on Feb. 3, Wear Red Day.

Well, in approximately two-week’s time, Mimi’s was able to hit its $150,000 donation goal!!!! The goal was achieved this weekend but will continue to raise money to help fight heart disease throughout the month of February (Heart Month).

It is simply amazing how Mimi’s guests, teammates, executives and vendors rallied behind the cause and really gave “their hearts” to Go Red For Women. Mimi’s is ecstatic that it has already reached its goal in such a short amount of time. The restaurant is also looking forward to continuing this momentum and its support of Go Red For Women throughout the month to raise even more money for the courageous cause.

Posted by Suzanna

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