Leatherby’s – HIP Partner


Leatherby’s Cafe Rouge
615 Town Center Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Q & A Restaurant Profile:

1. Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Saturday 5pm-11pm Sunday 4pm-10pm.
2. Independent Franchise or Corporate? Corporate
3. How many locations do you have? There is only one Leatherby’s Cafe Rouge. but Patina has 43 restaurants.
4. What year was the restaurant established and by who? 2006 by Patina Group.
5. How many owners has the restaurant had? 1
6. Is the restaurant family owned? No
7. Who is the head chef and how long have they been with you? Chef: Don Schoenburg has been here for 1 year.
8. Who makes up your senior management team? GM: Jason Tonelli, Chef: Don Schoenburg.
9. What is the theme of the restaurant? Casual Fine Dining Contemporary California Cuisine.
10. What is the size of the restaurant? 3000 sq. ft.
11. How many people does the restaurant seat? 120
12. How many people are on staff? 25
13. What night are you busiest? Friday, because we have an unbeatable Happy Hour.
14. What is the average dinner cover (per person, including beverage)? $40
15. What type of cuisine is served? Contemporary California Cuisine
16. What is your signature dish? Pork Porterhouse.
17. How often do you change your menu? Every 1-2 months
18. How many wines are offered on your list? (Both by the bottle and the glass) Over 100 wines by the bottle and 10-20 wines by the glass.
19. Does the bar offer an happy hour? Yes, our specials are as follows; Tuesdays: Ladies Night $2 beers, $2 liquors, and $2 red and white wine by the glass; Wednesdays: $2 beers; Thursdays: $4 single liquor martinis; Friday: $2 beers and $4 single liquor martinis.
20. Average age of your guest? 25-40
What demographic do you attract? Business, singles and dates.
What type of dining is offered at the restaurant? Casual, Fine Dining and Romantic.

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