IHOP Restaurants Support Breakfastarian Community


ihopIHOP® Restaurants, the leading restaurant in the family dining category and one that has been famous for serving ‘Everything You Love About Breakfast for almost 57 years, announced that it firmly supports breakfastarians and is championing their passion for enjoying traditional breakfast items anytime they choose, especially for dinner.

A community of breakfast lovers, breakfastarians have been creating a buzz on social media recently by encouraging others to spread the word and see the light, eat breakfast at night.

Breakfastarians represent a large percentage of the American population. According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Restaurant Industry Forecast, 70 percent of Americans wish that restaurants would serve breakfast all day long.1

IHOP has been tapping into the philosophy behind the breakfastarian belief that breakfast can be enjoyed day or night since it opened the first restaurant in 1958.

‘IHOP restaurants are famous the world over as the expert in breakfast items that guests love, like our legendary buttermilk pancakes, waffles and omelettes, and as the place where you have always been able to go to enjoy a great breakfast any time of day, said Kirk Thompson, Vice President, Marketing, International House of Pancakes, LLC. ‘So not only are we fully behind the breakfastarian community, you could say that we are breakfastarians ourselves.

For more information about the breakfastarian community, visit www.breakfastarian.tumblr.com. You can also follow breakfastarians on twitter at www.twitter.com/Breakfastarians.


posted by Andrea Gonzalez 5/29/15

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