Green House to distrubute Feedstock for E-Fuel Micro Fueler


California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger joined San Diego-based GreenHouse on the steps of the State Capitol as E-Fuel Corp. unveiled the final production model of the revolutionary E-Fuel MicroFueler, a portable micro-refinery fuel system for consumer use. The State of California’s Department of General Services is also exploring a pilot program to test the MicroFueler with its flex-fuel vehicles. The E-Fuel distribution system is a model for sustainability. The organic fuel is produced using carbohydrate waste products found abundantly in brewery waste, algae and cellulose (no corn or food-based products). Using state-of-the-art semiconductor technology, the appliance-sized units are pump-stations and ethanol distillers that can be installed at residences by the GreenHouse distribution team.

For more information about GreenHouse or the E-Fuel MicroFueler, visit:

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