Summer Lovin’ Menu at Oggi’s


Oggi’s Sports | Brewhouse | Pizza, the concept that has defined craft brewing, fresh pizza, and brewpub favorites in a sports-themed atmosphere for the past 26 years, has launched a new featured menu, celebrating produce that flourishes in the summer months. Four new menu items join the current lineup of signature dishes, each expertly paired with one of the award-winning craft beers, locally-brewed at Oggi’s in Southern California. The new Summer Lovin’ menu is available at the Garden Grove, Fullerton and Mission Viejo locations.   

New offerings include:

·  Summertime Salad: Peppery arugula tossed in a honey lemon vinaigrette with pickled red onions, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, fresh sliced apples and finished with Feta cheese, with the option to add all-natural chicken or shrimp. Oggi’s Duck Dive Hefeweizen pairs harmoniously with this Summertime Salad. The citrus notes are accented by the honey lemon vinaigrette, while the yeast notes help cut through the tang and sweetness of the fruits, candied walnuts and pickled onions. It balances out the salad’s flavor, making it a perfect complement to a warm summer day.

·  SoCal BBQ Chicken Salad: Spring mix blend tossed in Oggi’s homemade Sante Fe dressing, with black beans, sweet corn, chopped tomato, fresh cilantro and Gouda cheese. Finished with crispy onion strings and chopped all-natural chipotle BBQ chicken. The McGarvey’s Scottish Ale has the maltiness to complement the smokey all-natural chipotle BBQ chicken while not overpowering the delicate flavors of the fresh tomatoes, corn and cilantro. The slight bitterness cuts through the fat of the Gouda cheese, the Santa Fe dressing and crispy onion strings. This beer accentuates the overall flavors of the salad bringing all the ingredients together.

·  Southern Chicken Sandwich: Spicy southern style buttermilk fried chicken smothered in American Swiss cheese topped with roasted shallot aioli, shredded iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato, pickles and avocado on a brioche bun. The California Gold has a crisp and refreshing flavor that cuts through the fattiness of the fried chicken and cheese while not overpowering the flavors from the creamy avocado and crisp lettuce. The gold brightens up the flavor of the sandwich, pairing the flavors perfectly.

·  Crispy Brussels Sprouts: Crispy fried Brussels sprouts, Fresno chiles and shallots tossed in a spicy Sriracha soy glaze. Finished with green onions and sesame seeds. The Hoppily Ever After IPA has the bitter content to cut through the spice from the Fresno chiles and the Sriracha soy glaze. The citrus notes bring out the natural flavors of the Brussels sprouts and shallots, intertwining the ingredients to give you a mouthwatering, well- balanced flavor.

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