New summer tastes at True Food

True Food Kitchen's blends the old and new


True Food Kitchen in El Segundo take great pride in a menu that caters to nearly every food preference with a variety of gluten-free, naturally organic, vegetarian and vegan offerings.


  • Heirloom & Watermelon –  marcona almond, white balsamic, chevre
  • Heirloom Tomato Pizza  – grilled artichoke, roasted garlic, vegan almond ricotta, black truffle
  • Pan Roasted Chicken – corn, green chickpea, Fresno chili, feta, cilantro pumpkin seed pesto


  • Bircher Muesli – rolled oats, honey, nuts, seeds, seasonal fruit, almond butter toast
  • Pineapple & Orange Mimosa
  • Egg Sandwich
  • Quinoa Johnny Cakes (served with blueberries vs. banana)


  • Watermelon Mojito – rum, mint, pineapple, lime
  • Cherry Bourbon Sour – bourbon, lemon, cherry bitters, pinot noir float
  • Pineapple and Orange Mimosa


  • Almond Butter, Banana and Strawberry Sandwich


  • Chia Seed Pudding

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