New Beverage Category


Lemonade Restaurant Group today announced the launch of its new beverage menu, which represents a first-of-its-kind innovation in the fast-casual dining industry with cold-pressed lemonade infused drinks. Available beginning March 28th at all locations across California, Lemonade invites guests to drink colorfully and enjoy the new beverage menu featuring flavor-forward options including Skinny Lemonade T’s, Fruity Yogurt Smoothies infused with lemonade, and FROZade™. Since emerging onto the scene a decade ago as one of the first fast-casual concepts of its kind, Lemonade has continued to evolve and become a leader in the industry. With these new fusion drinks, Lemonade is creating an entirely new beverage category showcasing its continued commitment to providing delicious, innovative, and health-driven offerings.

The new Skinny Lemonade T’s, which contain 30% less sugar than the cold-pressed lemonades, combine lemonade and flower teas for colorful and refreshing drinks. The Fruity Yogurt Smoothies, available in Strawberry Banana or Mango Pineapple, features a blend of yogurt, fruit, and cold-pressed lemonade. Lemonade’s newFROZade options are a twist on the old-fashioned summertime treat, available in Pink Lemonade or Black Cherry Infused Pink Lemonade. Customers also have the opportunity to add Blueberry Boba to the Fruity Yogurt Smoothies or FROZade™.

New Lemonade Beverage Menu

Skinny Lemonade T’s 30% Less Sugar than the Classic Lemonades

  • Classic + Blue Butterfly Flower T Ice, Classic Lemonade for Fusions & Blue Butterfly Tea
  • Blood Orange + Blue Butterfly Flower T Ice, Blood Orange Lemonade for Fusions & Blue Butterfly Tea
  • Classic + Red Hibiscus Flower T | Ice, Classic Lemonade for Fusions & Red Hibiscus Flower Tea
  • Cucumber Mint + Red Hibiscus Flower T Ice, Cucumber Mint Lemonade for Fusions & Red Hibiscus Flower Tea

Fruity Yogurt Smoothies | Infused with Cold-Pressed Lemonade

  • Strawberry Banana Yogurt, Classic Lemonade for Fusions, Strawberries, & Bananas
  • Mango Pineapple Yogurt, Classic Lemonade for Fusions, Mangos, & Pineapples

FROZade Frozen Lemonade

  • Pink Lemonade Pink Lemonade & FROZade for Fusions
  • Black Cherry Infused Pink Lemonade Pink Lemonade, Cherry Puree & FROZade for Fusions

Blueberry Boba Option for smoothie or FROZades

  • BossenStore Boba Tea
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