Celebrate Nowruz with Khan Saab Desi Craft Kitchen!


Ring in Persian New Year with delicious, critically-acclaimed Desi cuisine from Khan Saab Desi Craft Kitchen in Downtown Fullerton! With a selection of exclusive Nowruz dishes including Mantu (Afghan dumpling stuffed with Australian Wagyu beef, topped with sweetened-spiced yogurt), Chapli Kabob (Minced lamb, eggs, fried tomato, and Khan’s signature spice rub), Aubergine (Indian eggplant, spiced tomato, and hung yogurt) and The Dance of Kabuli Pulao (New Zealand lamb shank, cardamom pods, caramelized carrots, and raisins), this celebration of new beginnings, highlighted by the flavors of Desi cuisine, is not to be missed!

Khan Saab’s holiday menu will be available March 19-22 only. Reservations are available at https://www.khansaaboc.com/

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