Milagro Tequila Survey for the Best Margarita



What’s your idea of the perfect margarita? With so many choices offered from salt to flavor, Milagro Tequila was in search of which elements are favorites for consumers and conducted a survey to find those results.

The stand out statistic from the survey confirmed that 91% of people prefer margaritas fresh over those made with a pre-packaged mix. If you fall in this category, Milagro’s The Freshest Margarita is perfect for you. Milagro’s classic recipe combines 2 parts Milagro Silver Tequila, ¾ part agave nectar and 1 part fresh lime juice, and is best drank out of a rocks glass, which 1/3 of respondents prefer drinking out of over a big margarita glass.

The survey also revealed that nearly 2/3 of people prefer salt on the rim and 70% of respondents prefer drinking from the rim rather than through a straw. While more than half of respondents take their margaritas blended, the majority of people like original flavor rather than margaritas enhanced with extra fruit. A mere 40% like having an extra tequila shot mixed in their margarita and exactly 2/3 of respondents prefer Silver tequila over Reposado.

Posted by Erica Schmucker

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