Following the success of her first cookbook, popular chef/restaurateur Zov has announced the debut of a second tome entitled, “Simply Zov,” a collection of surprisingly easy-to-prepare recipes that explore novel takes on familiar dishes. Her first cookbook, “Recipes and Memories of the Heart,” was a best-seller and Zov hopes to achieve similar success with her second book, which offers 150 recipes each accompanied by a striking color photo and step-by-step instructions.
Culled from years of experience, the recipes run the gamut from familiar breakfast items to decadent desserts; and unique poultry, fish and beef entrees to remarkable appetizers, homemade soups and fresh salads. More than just a cookbook, the 381-page hardbound “Simply Zov” offers “a passport to a world of exquisite aromas, delectable flavors, varying textures and stunning visual presentations.” The book contains a “pantry” of ingredients that should be purchased in order to prepare the recipes and a glossary of terms to acquaint the reader with the unfamiliar.
“‘Simply Zov’ is ideal for the busy budding chef who has a family, a limited budget and wants to incorporate fresh ingredients like those found at farmers markets into their cooking,” said Zov. “I hope to inspire people and introduce them to a world of flavor with recipes that are different, unique, and functional.”
Zov says that as Americans become more comfortable with different ethnic cuisines, they will be able to rely on works like “Simply Zov” to acquaint them with unfamiliar spices and ingredients so that they can explore a new world of culinary adventure.
“American cuisine represents a culture of food that blends spices, techniques, and ingredients from different parts of the globe to create something fresh and exciting,” she said.
Advance order for “Simply Zov” can be made by visiting www.zovs.com or calling (714) 838-8855 ext. (22).

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