National Bake Sale for Japan


National Bake Sale for Japan events took place in Los Angeles on April 2nd, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. as part of a simultaneous national bake sale event. At least six area bakeries and restaurants served as host sites including Black Cat Bakery, Forage, Chefs Center of California, Angeli, Akasha and bld. Baked good donations were encouraged from pros and home cooks alike; you did not need to be a professional chef or baker to participate.

Last year, Bay Area chef, writer and teacher Samin Nosrat spearheaded a Bake Sale For Haiti, raising about $23,000 from bake sale events held in the Bay Area. With the disaster in Japan, she decided to organize another bake sale fundraising effort – this time not just in San Francisco but also on a national level. Other participating cities to date include Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Chicago, Maui, Sacramento, Austin, TX, Ashville, NC and Portland, OR.

Nosrat called upon Los Angeles Pastry Chef Breanne Varela (Tavern) to help spearhead fund raising efforts locally. Varela jumped at the chance. “As humans, we are all trying to figure out a way to support each other through this crisis,” says Varela. “Having a bake sale is a way of physically doing something and gaining a strong sense of community. We hope our fellow brothers and sisters in Japan know that all over the world, communities are banding together to raise money, raise awareness and raise hope for the relief efforts in Japan.”

One hundred percent (100%) of money raised from bake sale efforts went to Peace Winds Japan, the largest Japanese Disaster and Emergency Response NGO (Non-Government Organization) which in turn will use the funds for ground relief efforts, including medical and sanitary supplies, blankets and clothing.

Cash donations can be made directly through the National Bake Sale for Japan website,

Posted on 04/15/11 by Allison

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