Chef Joe Youkhan is Chopped Champion


Chef Joe Youkhan, chef of the Tasting Spoon, WON Food Network`s top rated cooking competition show CHOPPED! On January 21st, 2014, Chef Joe beat out his competitors to become the CHAMPION!

Episode titled “Hoofin It”. Season 18, Episode 5

“When the clock starts ticking down from 20 minutes, the chefs must rush to make appetizers with pickled pigs` feet and sweet potato chips. And one chef doesn`t realize they`ve made a potentially costly mistake until it`s too late. Then in the entree round, the competitors must try to make pie work with venison. And the two finalists come up with similar ideas for their desserts, but which dish will the judges prefer?”

Congratulations Chef Joe!
youkhan2.posted by Sarah McCallum

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