BURLAP’s Chef Anthony Sinsay Gives Back to His High School


Executive Chef Anthony Sinsay of Del Mar hotspot, BURLAP, is giving back to his alma mater of Southwest High School (2001 graduate) by offering students interested in the culinary industry a first-hand experience in a professional kitchen. Through this work, he will be raising money for his late home-economics and nutrition teacher, Sharon Kleinschmidt. Sharon taught for almost 48 years (1962 to 2009) and her dedication, passion and bright attitude inspired students such as Sinsay to achieve goals beyond his wildest dreams.

In honor of Ms. “K,” Chef Anthony Sinsay has created The Sharon Kleinschmidt Culinary Scholarship in hopes that it will inspire young students to stay dedicated and passionate to stay in the kitchen, the same teachings and inspiration that Sinsay learned from Ms. “K.” In order to raise funds for the scholarship, Sinsay has decided to take a total of nine students as interns – or “stagieres” – behind his kitchen at BURLAP over the course of three weeks. At the end of the three weeks, Sinsay will work with the students to plan a four-course menu for a pop-up restaurant event, dubbed Restaurant 404k, at Southwest High School on May 21, 2013. Tickets will be $40/person and all proceeds will go directly to providing scholarships to the students of the Regional Occupational Program in Culinary Arts at Southwest High School through his Sharon Kleinschmidt Culinary Scholarship fund. Current sponsors for the event include Specialty Produce, Hamilton Meats & Provisions and of course, BURLAP. Additional potential sponsors include Suzie’s Farm and Santa Monica Seafood.

Posted by Paula Votendahl


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