Whisky Brands That Are Made at MGP


31 N 50 Bourbon (Dry Diggings)

4 Spirits Bourbon and American Whiskey (4 Spirits)

1888 Bourbon (Diversa Brands)

99 Bottles Bourbon & Rye (PA Private Label Spirits)

Angel’s Envy Rye (Louisville Distilling Co.)

Aztec Spirits Whiskey Distilled from Bourbon Mash (Aztec Spirits)

Backbone Bourbon (Crossroads Vitners/Strong Spirits)

Barrell Whiskey (some batches) (Barrell Craft Spirits)

Batchers’ Bourbon (Litchfield Distillery)

Bearded Lady Bourbon (Vok Beverages)

Belle Meade Bourbon (Nelson’s Greenbriar)

Big Ass Bourbon (Diversa)

Big Bottom Bourbon (Big Bottom)

Big House Bourbon (Underdog Spirits)

Big Y Rye (PA Private Label Spirits)

Bone Snapper Rye (Strong Spirits)

Booze Brothers’ Corn Whiskey (NLV Tequila)

Bourbon 30

Bower Hill Rye (Meier’s)

Breaker Bourbon (Ascendant Spirits)

Bull Run Bourbon and American Whiskey (Bull Run Distilling)

Bulleit Rye (Diageo)

Cadée Bourbon & Rye (Cadée Distillery)

Cascadia Rye (Cadée Distillery)

Chattanooga Whiskey 1816 Reserve (Chattanooga Whiskey Co.)

Clarion Bourbon and Blended Whiskey (Distilled Spirits Epicenter)

Cleveland Rye Whiskey (Cleveland Whiskey)

Cloud’s Batch ’41 Blended Wheat Whiskey

Coney Island Carlo Bourbon (Terresentia)

Copper City Straight Bourbon (Arizona Distilling Co.)

Corn Star Corn Whiskey (Bardstown Barrel Selections)

Cougar Bourbon & Rye (Foster’s)

Country Smooth American Whiskey (Speakeasy Spirits)

Deceptivus Bourbon (Cadée Distillery)

Defiance Whiskey (Defiant Spirits)

Doubleday Bourbon (Cooperstown Distillery)

Eighteen 33 Bourbon (Boone County Distilling Co.)

Fast Luck Light Whiskey (Mosswood Distillers)

Filibuster Bourbon Rye (M.S. Trading LP)

George Dickel Rye (George Dickel)

George Remus Bourbon & Rye (Queen City Whiskey/Strong Spirits)

Henderson Rye (North Texas Distillers)

High Liquors Bourbon & Rye (High Liquors)

High West (an an element of many of their whiskeys blends)

Homestead Bourbon (Homestead American whiskey)

Hooker’s House (some of their bourbons and their rye; Prohibition Spirits)

Iowa Distilling Company Caribbean Cask Rye

J. Green Bourbon and Rye (Shadow Beverage Group)

James E. Pepper 1776 Bourbon & Rye (James E. Pepper/Strong Spirits)

James Oliver Rye (Indio Spirits)

J.R. Revelry Bourbon (La Bodega Internacional/Speakeasy Spirits)

Joint Bourbon (Temperance Distilling Co.)

Joseph Magnus Bourbon (Jos. A. Magnus & Co.)

Knotter Bourbon & Rye (Blaum Bros.)

Krofters Double Barreled Bourbon (Litchfield Distillery)

LeMont Rye (PA Private Label Spirits)

Lost Republic Bourbon & Rye

Mayor Pingree 10 year old Bourbon (Valentine Distilling)

Melvale Bourbon (New Liberty Distillery)

Metze’s Bourbon

Maryland Club American Whiskey (some bottlings) (New Liberty Distillery)

Maryland Club Bourbon (New Liberty Distillery)

Mosswood American Light Whiskey (Mosswood Distillers)

O.K.I. Bourbon and Rye (New Riff Distilling)

Old Bones Bourbon (Strong Spirits)

Old Hickory Bourbon (Meier’s)

Old Scenter Bourbon and Rye (Strong Spirits for R. Griesedieck Distilling)

Pinhook Bourbon (CJS Beverage Corp.)

Preamble Bourbon and Rye (Seven Jars Distillery)

Prichard’s Rye (Prichard’s)

Rebel Yell Rye (Luxco)

Rebellion Bourbon (Market Street Spirits – newer batches)

Redemption Bourbon & Rye (Bardstown Barrel Selections)

Riverboat Rye (Bardstown Barrel Selections)

Rough Rider Bourbon & Rye (Long Island Spirits)

Rye Whiskey 30 (Bourbon 30)

Ryskie Rye Whiskey (Glenns Creek Distilling)

Sagamore Spirit Rye (Distilled Spirits Epicenter)

Seagram’s 7 Blended Whiskey (Diageo)

Single Track Rye (Range and River Distilling)

Smokin’ Joe’s Bourbon & Rye (PA Private Label Spirits)

Smooth Ambler Old Scout Bourbon, Rye and Corn Whiskey (Smooth Ambler)

Smuggler’s Notch Rye

Spirit of America Bourbon (Hobson & Roberts)

Spring Mill Bourbon (Heartland Distillers)

Stave & Barrel Bourbon (Glenns Creek Distilling)

Stoutheart Bourbon (Hobson & Roberts)

Taos Lightning (KGB Spirits)

Temperance Trader (American Whiskey and some bourbon; Bull Run Distilling)

Templeton Rye (Templeton)

Temptation Bourbon (Bardstown Barrel Selections)

The Saloon Bourbon & Rye (PA Private Label Spirits)

Tin Cup Whiskey (Proximo Spirits)

Troubadour Bourbon (The Original Texas Legend Distillery)

Untitled No. 1 Whiskey (One Eight Distilling)

Virginia Black (Proximo Spirits)

WH Harrison Bourbon (Tipton Spirits)

Whistle Pig Old World Rye

White Heart Bourbon (Hobson & Roberts)

Widow Jane Rye (Cacao Prieto)

Willett Rye (Indiana ryes)

Winghart’s Bourbon & Rye (PA Private Label Spirits)

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