Studio One Eleven Unveils Design for Leisuretown, a New Model for Craft Brewing


LAB Holding Development Adapts Historic Buildings, adds Repurposed Containers plus Wading Pool, in an Outdoor Resort Setting

Architecture, urbanism and landscape-design firm Studio One Eleven and community-based developer LAB Holding LLC, have unveiled Leisuretown, a new model for craft brewery and restaurant developments in an outdoor setting using restored historic buildings. Leisuretown in Anaheim is the latest from Modern Times Beer, which has multiple locations across the U.S. It is also part of the ongoing revitalization of Anaheim.

Leisuretown’s 33,000-square-foot environment includes:

Modern Times Anaheim By Studio 111 / Photography By Tom Bonner

– An historic, three-story 1911 craftsman home, restored and renovated for food and event space.
-A 1940s barrel-vault structure originally serving the neighborhood as a grocery store, now restored and converted for Modern Times’ brewery.
-Six repurposed shipping containers on two levels, for dining and food service, including an elevated lounge. Containers are sited to complement the existing structures and define the central courtyard.
-A 45-feet-long swimming pool – evoking Mid-Century Palms Springs – to cool off during the day and watch movies at night with lounge chairs and shade umbrellas.
Almost a third of an acre of outdoor seating nestled in lush gardens.
-Multiple outdoor dining areas to accommodate safe distance.
-A former auto shop building has been converted as the central kitchen for food service including craft beers, wines.
-A walk-up store for take-home items and gifts, including Modern Times’ 70 craft beers and ciders.

“This latest collaboration with LAB Holding LLC adheres to the missions of both LAB Holding and Studio One Eleven: Leisuretown is an entertainment experience recalling early California resorts that welcomes the surrounding community and retains its history,” said Studio One Eleven Senior Principal Michael Bohn, AIA.

Modern Times Anaheim By Studio 111 / Photography By Tom Bonner

The majority of seating is outdoors to leverage Southern California’s mild climate. Guests feel particularly relaxed within verdant gardens that can easily accommodate social distancing, said Bohn.

“Many breweries are inside dark warehouse spaces that can feel confining. Our project embraces the outdoors. Though not originally designed to address the pandemic, Modern Times will use Leisuretown as their model for future locations.”

One Block from The Packing House

At 549 S. Anaheim Boulevard, Leisuretown is in the heart of Anaheim’s Packing District, already anchored and revitalized by many other innovative and popular LAB Holding developments. These include the 1919 Packing House food hall, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Describing Leisuretown as “the community’s backyard,” LAB Holding creator and founder Shaheen Sadeghi said, “Brewers today are bringing neighbors together – much like the pubs of London or Ireland serve as neighborhood gathering spaces.”

LAB Holding has been a key revitalization partner with City of Anaheim, restoring older structures while infusing them with vibrant retail and other uses.

“When communities tear down history and build all new products, it takes away the soul and the heartbeat of the city,” said Sadeghi. “By preserving as many of these buildings as possible and blending with new products built in the area, we hope to create an even better balanced neighborhood. We would like the next generation in Anaheim to have a real relationship to its history and enjoy these structures and their stories.”

Leisuretown is one block from The Packing House.
The craft brewery is the newest example of City of Anaheim’s brewery revitalization efforts, making it one of the most craft-brewery-friendly cities in the U.S. The city’s reformed regulations can reduce upfront “soft” costs (such as permitting) from $100,000 in some nearby cities, to closer to $10,000 in Anaheim. The city is now home to 20 breweries.

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Link here to high-resolution photos by Studio One Eleven


Steelcraft Bellflower opened June 2019.

GG September 2019

Leisuretown in Anaheim opened Sept 2020

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