Mutt Lynch’s Celebrates 45 Years in Newport Beach


Mutt Lynch’s, Newport Beach’s award-winning beach bar, celebrates 45 years in business in 2020. Founded by Gail and Dan Lynch in 1975, the iconic beach bar has been a family-owned business for over four decades. As the beloved establishment heads into its 45th year in business, the family unveils big plans for the future of Mutt Lynch’s.

Forty-five years since its inception and the iconic restaurant remains a family-owned business in every sense of the word, with the next generation rising up to bring the beloved brand to new heights. Siblings Meghan Murray and Ryan Lynch, along with their spouses Alex Murray and Jerilyn Lynch, come together to continue the legacy of Mutt Lynch’s.Mutt Lynch's Owners

Gail and Dan Lynch opened the original Mutt Lynch’s location near the ferry dock on the Balboa Peninsula – naming it after Dan’s father Emmett Lynch, who was affectionately given the nickname “Mutt” when he served in the Army during World War 1. In 1982, a fire originating in the hotel above left their dream in ruins. Later that year, they were able to relocate to their current location on the oceanfront boardwalk of the Newport Beach Pier. Somehow, the wooden bar from the original location survived the fire and is the focal point of their bustling beach bar today. Entering into their 45th year, the family looks to build and expand upon the success they’ve grown for the past four and a half decades – including expanding to a second location in 2020.

“As we gear up for expansion, we’re identifying even more ways to welcome in the next generation at Mutt’s,” comments partner Meghan Murray, who’s childhood is filled with memories made at her family’s restaurant. “We’re looking to build upon the natural progression of our regulars, many of whom have grown up and started families of their own. For 45 years, our family has been in the business of helping people create life long memories, and we look forward to building upon that as we all grow together.”

At just over 3400 square feet, the establishment exemplifies Americana at the beach, bringing to life repurposed retro furnishings while fusing boardwalk culture and layered pub history to create its one-of-a-kind vibe. Mutt Lynch’s is widely recognized for its convivial atmosphere, for which it has garnered numerous accolades including being named one of North America’s Best Beach Bars by Men’s Journal. The oceanfront restaurant boasts one of the most extensive menus in Orange County with over 200 items, including classic dishes and innovative creations from regulars that have become menu mainstays. With 40 beers on tap, the restaurant has become known for popularizing the Schooner – a 32oz glass goblet – filled with the guests’ drink of choice.

“Forty-five years in, and we are so fortunate to have a loyal demographic continuing to celebrate with us,” comments Mutt Lynch’s founder, Gail Lynch. “It is so fulfilling to see my children fully embrace what we’ve built with Mutt Lynch’s and take the reins, steering our legacy into its exciting next chapter.”

Mutt Lynch’s is located on the Newport Beach Boardwalk (2300 W. Oceanfront) and is open 365 days a year. Winter and Spring hours are from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. and until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. For a full menu and more information, visit

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